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'gravity': What Makes The Bafta Winner A British Film?

Actors dazzle on BAFTA awards red carpet , reaped six BAFTA trophies on Sunday, among them one reserved for demonstrations of "outstanding and original British filmmaking which shows exceptional creativity and innovation." BAFTA stipulates that to be eligible for outstanding British film "a film must have significant British creative involvement and be certified as British under one of the BFI/DCMS's three definitions ." To receive certification, Farrah Abraham sex tape a film must either pass a "cultural test" or be an official U.K. co-production. PHOTOS: BAFTA Awards 2014 | Red carpet arrivals Eligibility requirements are less stringent for other BAFTA categories, such as best director, which Cuaron won, and best film, which went to "12 Years a Slave." They merely require films to be released theatrically in the U.K. within BAFTA's awards year. "Gravity" passed the cultural test for best British film, as it does download indeed have British bona fides. The film was produced by Briton David Heyman (of the "Harry Potter" films) and shot at Pinewood Studios outside London and Shepperton Studios in Surrey. The shoot employed a local crew, reference and visual effects were handled by the U.K. outfit Framestore. Composer Steven Price is British as well.
More http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/moviesnow/la-et-mn-gravity-what-makes-bafta-winner-british-20140217,0,2869572.story

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